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Pole Power Academy

Aerial Hoop Tricks Book Vol 1

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The book is ringbound which makes it perfect to open up fully, with over 400 pages.


200+ Tricks Inside

200+ tricks broken down step by step, this book is like no other.


Laid Out In Levels

The best way to learn is in a progressional order, this book is laid out in levels Beginner - Advanced.

The vol1 tricks book was created best for those who are new to their pole journey, those who are looking to refresh foundational skills and instructors who want help with lesson planning for those who are just starting out. 


Ideal for a quick reference as a reminder of how to do a trick/move.


This book was also created as a tracker. At the start of each level there is a list of moves in the book that you can tick off when you master on the left and right sides.



Please note there is a automatic 50% discount at checkout due to the remaining books in stock not being in perfect condition. This means that some of the corners may have slight creases or pages bent etc but not limited to.