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Pole Power Academy

Pole Tricks Book - Advanced

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This book has been designed to compliment the Ultimate Progression Programme. 

There are 5 levels of to the programme, therefore there are 5 books, 1 for each level. 

  • Beginner,
  • Higher Beginner,
  • Intermediate,
  • Higher Intermediate,
  • Advanced (This book).

This book is the advanced level with 100+ tricks broken down step by step. Not only are they broken down they are laid out in a lesson to complete each week. So you know what we recommend to do in what order. 

Each level and lessons follows on from the previous, for example, you'll have worked on Inverted D in the Higher Intermediate level to aid you with strength and alignment to achieving the move Ayesha in this level - Advanced. 

The steps are images directly from the videos inside the programme. 

There are x3 modules to the programme

  • Foundation (pink)
  • Developmental (purple)
  • Creativity (black)

Tricks Tracker

There is a tracker of the tricks for each module inside the book. You will see the Foundation module tricks list in the images on this page as an example. Each trick has two boxes next to it, so you can tick it off when you can do it on both sides. 

This is for a hard copy with a spiral bound. A5 size is approx 148 x 210 millimetres